Teleste’s Broadband Networks business area offers broadband network and video headend solutions and technologies for telecommunication and cable operators.

Our smart and innovative portfolio allows operators to ensure top-quality broadband and TV services for their subscribers while reducing the total cost of network ownership and maintaining flexibility towards technology changes.

In the spotlight

Why I appreciate working in the cable business

In his blog post, Sven Baus reveals the “family thing” that is a part of the DNA of the European cable industry.

Broadband Networks strategy targets

We have decades of experience in branch of technologies and how they are best utilised for offering future-proof services with extremely high availability. Today, our strategy for access network products is focused on distributed access architecture solutions and entering in the North American market.

Customers and market position

Our customer base consists of cable and telecom operators and our main market areas are in Europe and North America. In access network products, Teleste is the market leader in Europe, and we are also a globally significant supplier of video headends.

Solutions for broadband networks

Our customers need to develop the capacity, quality, and reliability of their broadband networks to provide more comprehensive services and an improved user experience for their customers. Our task is to help them achieve the target with our solutions, technologies, and services.

Our access networks product range contains all components from FttX solutions to cable network amplifiers and passive components. In video headends, the emphasis is on completely digital solutions. The services related to our product operations consist of systems design, quality assurance consulting, maintenance of delivered systems, and training.

Broadband network products and key topics

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