Building a sustainable future starts from design board. Our broadband technologies empower ultra-fast and reliable connectivity and lead the way to, for example, new virtual services, efficient remote work, and reduced business travel. Our public safety and mobility solutions help improve security in public places as well as smooth flow of people and traffic, encouraging the use of public transport and paving way to new digital services.

How we do it

Adaptive powering for greener Cable

Energy consumption in broadband networks is significant and so is their environmental impact. Our innovation helps operators increase energy efficiency in hardware and reduce the cable industry’s environmental footprint. The innovation was selected as a winner in Adaptive Power Challenge, a contest organised by by SCTE∙ISBE, Liberty Global and Comcast in 2018.

Automatic ingress control to improve quality of broadband services

A unique feature in our intelligent broadband nodes and amplifiers is their automatic ingress control that automically detacts and blocks ingress signals. The feature makes is easy to identify and locate service problems even in city and country-wide networks and helps avoid unnessary truck-rolls and on-site visits.

Telesta Central software

Smart information management creates easier travelling

Our smart passenger information management software enables public transport operators utilise reliable and accurate information and other content to deliver excellent travel experience from door to door. The software also allow easy managment of fleets from small ones up to entire city- and country-wide systems.

Sustainability and our global footprint

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