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Safety and security are an elemental part of our everyday life. With our situational awareness and video security solutions you can build security management systems that provide operational control and safety in public places on a city- and even country-wide scale.

As public security systems become increasingly complicated and versatile sensors, mobile devices and temporarily placed video cameras are widely utilized, there is a growing for efficient and smart tools to manage operations and all the produced information. Our solutions are designed to address the challenges by seamless integration of data from every part of the security system — ranging from different security and information systems to third-party and non-security systems— under a single umbrella system. 

A clear, real-time view of situations is easily available on a graphical user interface, and we can also offer tools to combine video with other sources of data to create an accurate big picture of events for decision-making purposes.

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Teleste Situational awareness

Situational awareness

Our situational awareness and incident management solution provides you a powerful tool to significantly improve effectivity and responsiveness well beyond traditional video security systems.

Teleste Video security solutions

Video security solutions

Our IP-based video security solution allows you to build a future-proof security ecosystem. In addition to the powerful video core, our solution offers a rich selection of smart features and functionalities that allow you to monitor and manage situations in real time.

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Intellligent and powerful situation management for unprecedented situational awareness

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Teleste Public safety

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Our inspiring target is to improve safety and security of people, operations and infrastructures. Learn more about our experience and expertise and how we combine them for the best solutions to our customers.