Teleste Situational awareness

Teleste S-AWARE® is designed to be the central point of operating personnel’s decision-making process. Increasing holistic awareness of your surroundings, the platform creates a powerful tool to significantly improve effectivity and responsiveness well beyond traditional video security systems.

System for creating an overview of security and safety situation

  • Presenting information in one common GUI
  • Collecting information from multiple security and safety systems and observations
  • Filtering relevant information from non-relevant information by aggregation
  • Scripting and workflow automation to reduce response times and guide operations
  • Real-time unified situational awareness and communication with all surveillance centers, remote sites and stakeholders
  • Forensics capabilities, including storing and tracking of evidential information
  • Reporting and debriefing tools
  • Advanced protection of personal data

Key benefits

Add awareness and intelligence to manage your operations

With our solution, you can effectively outline the total security and safety situation by controlling large amounts of information from multiple sources within your operating environment and highlighting the most relevant information to be visible from the vast amount of normal information. The solution allows you to ensure that the right information is available to the right people when and where needed, and that the correct action is taken promptly whenever unexpected situations occur.

Simple way to utilise intelligence

Our solution offers several smart features and functionalities for empowering your personnel and operations. You can e.g. guide actions and manage workflow through automated, standardized procedures. Designed for simple and fast deployment, the platform makes it easier than ever to utilise added intelligence and automatic analysis of data.

Better control of events and incidents

Making best decisions requires that you are fully aware of what is going on in each situation. Our solution enables collecting information from various sources for a clear and accurate view on every situation and incident. It makes recognizing events and alarms fast and reliable and allows you to effectively control and manage all that is happening from the same interface.

Store, review and be prepared

In addition to guiding daily operations, you can utilise our system for reporting and training purposes. You can train for both normal repeating and also for rare but critical abnormal events to ensure fast and proper response is available when needed and you can utilize the reporting tools in order to review the stored data and estimate in advance amount of needed resources in your environment in certain times and scenarios. When critical response is required, taking advantage of the data analysis and training environment ensures that your personnel will be ready for accurate decisions and correct actions.

In the spotlight

Teleste’s situational awareness platform secures Helsinki Underground

Improved awareness and safety to Helsinki Underground

Helsinki City Transport in Finland drives improved situational awareness and safer travel across the Helsinki metro system with Teleste’s situational awareness platform.

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